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Couchsurfing and more!

It took me a while to write. I cannot seem to find the right words to describe how happy my trip had been. I will try to write this in a  third person’s point of view.


On April 2, Allie started her adventure. Wait, it was March 31st. But when did the true adventure start? April 2, indeed. After hosting a few guests for sometime now, she realized that she had never been a guest herself. So she rode a bus to Manila, without a doubt. (stories for that part is in another post)

Going there was filled with uncertainty and excitement. She was excited about the fact that she did not have a clue about what to do. But then, life is short. Life is about changes and it’s not going to stop.

Manila, Philippines–this is the capital city of the Philippines and yet, she barely knew anything. Life has been evolving around her small house in Batangas, and since then life seems to just move farther away. Despite this, she tried the wonders of the unknown.

On April 2, Allie, along with her host Ric, went to Malate to pick up Rast’o and Michal. She was excited and numb at the same time. There was no feeling of absolute certainty. She was just in a neutral state of her emotions. She went up to the hostel to pick them up. Riding the elevator seemed like it’s taking a lifetime. In excitement, she immediately saw a guy dancing in front of the opened elevator doors. Happily, she said, “Hey!” And to her surprise, it was the wrong guy. What an embarrassing moment. But then, it didn’t seem to matter at all. She exited the small rectangular box and went straight to the reception area where she was welcomed by a fellow Filipino with a smile.

As they were checking the names, Allie turned around and wait. Suddenly, these two images of the men she saw online appeared in front of her. It was…it was, no surprise at all. All she felt was comfort and a sense of happiness. It was like they knew each other, particularly Rast’o for a long time. It wasn’t awkward at all. However, it was weird for Allie. She cannot seem to hear or see everything clearly. Every view and sound that she hears seem to just move past her senses.

Hopping onto the car, they have already put their bags in the trunk. They met Ric and they got along pretty well. Ric is a lovely host. He let Allie stay in his place in the last minute through couchsurfing. His hospitality gave her the sense of fulfillment when they stopped over for dinner and visited the Venice Piazza in Taguig.

venice piazza.jpg

Not knowing Allie, Rast’o and Michal, it was still a good experience. Ric had been very accommodating and fun.

In the afternoon, the three were left alone. They started going around Intramuros and Rizal Park. With the help of an offline Philippine map, they managed to go around the area and have a relaxing walk.

Rizal Park.jpg

Allie did not even feel nostalgic about it despite her first visit for more then a decade ago. To her, this is a new feeling. Rast’o made it so easy to communicate, while Michal was having fun haggling with Mango vendors. It was funny, to say the least. Allie suspects that it was Michal’s way of practicing his communication skills.

…to be continued

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