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3 Falls to Visit in Luisiana, Laguna: Talay Falls, Hidden Falls, Hulugan Falls

For a while, I’ve been wanting to visit this amazing creation. And finally, I was there.

There are many hidden gems in Laguna, Philippines. But I did not know that until I realized that I wanted to explore this area.


So I want to share our short Day Tour. However, please be advised that there could be a shorter way getting there. Here’s our commute:


Php 60.00 SM Lipa – SM Calamba – Rode a van going to SM Calamba. The trip was easy but not too comfortable. The seats can be bouncy and there are just too many people in the van. It is cheap though so that’s a good point.

Near the entrance of SM Calamba, we just asked around and walked to the nearest Jeep Terminal. There wasn’t. But jeeps just stop somewhere. Look for Sta. Cruz on the signage. Fare: Php 45.00. Medyo malayo lang ng konti mga bes!  But, you may also ride a bus with a sign “Sta. Cruz”

The mistake we made is that we do not know where exactly in Sta. Cruz to get off. So you better ask them where they can drop you off.

Php 50.00 Anyway, we decided to get off somewhere and ride a tricycle going to the Jeep Terminal going to Lucena.

From there, we rode that jeepney and just told the driver to drop us off at San Salvador. Php 30.00

Surprisingly enough, you will see a big sign that says “SAN SALVADOR”.

Php 30.00 – Registration Fee

Php 30.00 – Parking Fee

Php 60.00 –  Tricyle going to the start off point and going back:

And if you want Bibingka to get some energy for the hike: Php 100.00 (3 pieces — with a nice woven basket)



Talay Fallls


Going there made us quite nervous, but its beauty pushed us to get closer.

onestepadventures with Hulugan Falls

Weee, enjoying the amazing feeling!

Hidden Falls

We do not have plenty of experiences to refer to but we can say that it was not so easy. We had to deal with mud and the risk of slipping from time to time. But these falls are not easy to give up on. So we continued.


While resting, we saw this. Despite its beauty, this angle shows how tiny the other trekkers are. And it made us feel more tired. haha! But we did not stop. If we want to see real beauty up close, we have to go on.

onestepadventures with Hulugan Falls jpg

Hulugan Falls.jpg


And here’s us, eating our Bibingka for Lunch, with Ate Imelda.

onestepadventures near Hulugan Falls
Thank you 5558 Campsite for this photo!


What should I bring?

Honestly, if you are just on a day tour, bring something light.

  • Swim clothes – doesn’t have to be swimsuit though. Anything you feel comfortable if you want a dip on the falls
  • Trekking shoes, preferably outdoor sandals.
  • Dry Bag or some protective cover for your cameras or phone
  • Water – lots of it.
  • Extra food in case you get hungry
  • First aid kit.
  • Towel

For me, it was a struggle. I brought many things with me. It was difficult to carry the whole time. (So, I want to thank my friend for helping me with it). It is difficult being a girl scout! I brought the whole house. So I suggest that you if you want to bring many things, find a place to stay where you can leave your stuff without worry.

At some part of the hike, you get to leave your bag for a moment but the rest, you’d have to carry the burden.

So, don’t be like me. Pack light.





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