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A Grateful Heart

As I write this message for you today,  I find myself unsatisfied with the quotes I found online. I am sure that there is something good, I just need to find it.

But just like my search for a quote, it is the same with our lives. There is always something good about ourselves–we just need to see it.

As I have always believed, every one of us has a good heart. We are born with it. What we decide to do with it, is up to us. It may, at most times, made me vulnerable to the people who laughed at me and belittled me in many unique ways that they thought were harmless.

Either way, it is also a part of us. From time to time, we see something that we hate or dislike about someone. It can be something that annoys you because you don’t want that person to make the same mistakes. It could also be that you just hate seeing that person do the same things that you didn’t want to remember.

Whatever it is that you are going through, I believe that you have a golden heart in you. You have a soul that is ready to take on the seemingly endless challenges of life. You are strong–in your own way.

Let your strength be your contribution to a better society, and make your weakness a source of inspiration.

At the end of 2016, I made plans. Plans that I had to change at the first quarter of 2017. And I don’t have regrets. Somehow,  I felt that I failed because of the plans I didn’t follow through. But then there were greater plans for me–plans that was beyond imagination. Plans that took over my 2017 and rocked my world in the most positive way.

I am now in a place that makes me happy and stronger everyday.

I do not normally include specific people in my notes but I would personally like to thank all of you for making 2017 a better one.

When January 2017 came along, I was prepared to invest my time in my language-learning.  I am surprised that I have spent more time on it that I ever have in the past.  I am not exactly sure how long we have been friends now but I would like to thank 정은채 (Korea) for always supporting me and helping me out. I am happy for the things you discovered and achieved this year. I am proud to say that you have become a brave lady for letting go and working hard to be where you are today. 고마워 친구. 사랑해! 

To all my Ninangs and Ninongs who are always guiding me and supporting me with my decisions, I appreciate all your visits, your advice and your thoughtful prayers for me.

To Riza, for always being there when everybody else left.

To Ces, May, Kim and Tara for always keeping in touch.

To Scott, who have come out of nowhere hahaha and introduced me his beautiful family. Thank you for your guidance and prayers for mine.

Shoutout to these online acquaintances and friends, Fabio(Italy), Mattheiu (France), Omer (Turkey), Enmanuel (Italy), Gabriel (Brazil), Juanan (Spain), Lotta(Finland), Tiina(Finland), Martin(German), Fany (Mexico) Kerem (Turkey), Niels (Netherlands), Borja (Spain)and Ulan(Kazakhstan) for making my room feel like I am traveling around the world.

To all the Couchsurfers I met: Sy (United Kingdom), Vanessa and Alberto (Spain), Ric (Ph), Cai (Ph), Adam (US) and Aileen (Philippines), and Jessie (Malaysia). Thank you for making our house filled with fun stories and adventures from your trips. You won’t be forgotten. I look forward to meeting you again.


To my previous co-workers who have been there and helped me learn more about myself.

For Alam, for being a big brother to me and offering a place to stay every time I make plans. I hope to see you again in Thailand.

Yulia (Russia), thank you for trusting me and sharing a few days with me. I look forward to traveling with you again.

CS Visits 1.jpg

To M4A, I saw you guys mature and I wish us all success and meaningful years to come.


To PruLife UK Family for always being positive and always being on a mission to help people, like seriously. I know you are here to help many Filipinos to have a better life.

To Michelle, for letting me know about this awesome company! And of course for the 22 years of friendship.

To my Sunpower teammates who are so funny and making every day productive and fun.

To Loves, Grace and Vynz, for making my life so colorful and filled with laughter. Sali na rin natin si Philip hahaha.



To Ate Vanie and Iara who are constantly working hard to share their knowledge and skills in helping me adjust at work.

To Mark E, who have constantly pushed me and made me travel to countries I never even dreamed before. For making me try things I’d never even imagine. For leaving me alone in Malaysia (hahaha) and Singapore, I am grateful. Because of that, I met Grace 盧品穎( a talented trumpet player) from Taiwan, Gracea ( a teacher) from Indonesia, who helped me survive the confusing directions to the bus stations in Singapore.

To Mark V,  who have always made life stress-free! To Janice, who have always listened and trusted me with her own sentiments.

To my students, who have constantly inspired me to do better and give my best, Shu-san, Natsumi, Toshi and Ji Yeon-ssi. You are my inspiration.

To my brothers, who have always supported me.

To Uncle who have selflessly given us his time.

For my parents who have allowed me to discover the world slowly and letting me go one step at a time. I have learned so much about many things.  I was able to meet 4 amazing people: Ivka, Riso, Miso, and the love of my life, my partner, Rast’o.



And I guess that sums up my 2017.

Every one of you have roles or had a role in my life.

So let’s always look at what we can do for others.

We can, at one way or another, be an inspiration.

Thank you for a fun-filled 2017. You are awesome!









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