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Affordable Accommodation in Sagada; Is it possible to find?

 Travel Journal: Day 1 in Sagada

Wearing a wet pair of muddy shoes was really uncomfortable. That’s why I wore “plastic” socks. It was the idea of the hostel staff in Batad.  After a few hours of traveling, we finally arrived in Sagada.

Why Isabelo’s Inn is a great place to stay in Sagada?

Seeing the spacious bed and the well-lit room, I was glad that we chose this accommodation. Although we did not have a specific package tour, it didn’t matter. The affordable accommodation made our backpacking experiences better. It was truly a relaxing moment to see the bed and the whole hostel filled with spaces for a moment of sharing a beer.

The room did not have a television, but it has a nice table where we put our things, a spacious cabinet and enough space for our shoes and laundry. The room we booked has 3 beds. 1 is a double deck  and the other one is a single bed. This affordable room has a very nice feel. I recommend this hostel because of its cleanliness  and order. I also liked that each guestroom, has its own separate bathroom which is only accessible by a numbered key. How organized is that! If I remember it right, the price range is Php 1,000 – 1,700.

Good Location

The good thing about Isabelo’s Inn is that it is at the center of everything. I love how close we are to the fresh fruits sold. I also liked that we are just in front of the municipal center. Need cash? There’s an ATM near the front desk. And the best thing is that you don’t have to look far because they have transportation services nearby.

We wanted to take some rest but we had to move, and start with our adventures. We went to the Municipal Tourist Center. It only cost us Php 35 for the environmental fee. And all we had to do was bring the receipt at all sites. It is a must to get a tour guide when going to the tourist spots. I didn’t like it at first but I realized that through this fee, the tourism industry will grow and there will be a great contribution to the locals livelihood.

The trip was not that long but we felt tired somehow. When we got our strengths back, we went straight to the hanging coffins. Initially, we did not want to be assisted by a tour guide. But it was a requirement.


I am glad that we were kindly guided by a nice man who toured us around the area. And I have to admit, it may be easy to get to the place on our own, but these guides grew up in this place and there’s no better way to go to different areas but with their help. Now, we know a little bit about their way of life.

Time for dinner! So we went to the place called the Yogurt House. We chose a spot upstairs, where we gladly waited for a nice meal. 🙂

onestepadventures_Sagada YogurtHousejpg.jpg

We then ended the evening with a little chit chat and plans about the next day while enjoying a bottle of beer.


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