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Couchsurfing Special: Going to Taal, Batangas with Yulia #2


Next is Taal Volcano.
We woke up at 4AM, had breakfast and prepared for the trip. At almost 6AM, we arrived in Taal, Batangas. We waited for our guide and then we started exploring the mountain. At first, we rode the car down to the steep part of the mountain. Then we rode a boat and saw this beautiful view.


The boat ride ranges from 1,000 Php to 2000 Php, you just really have to find someone who will help you get the best discounts possible.


Then we started hiking.

You can see the horses below. You can rent them for 500 Php (if you are coming from the other side of San Nicolas, although I can’t tell you which one). Obviously, all of us did not feel the need to ride this poor horse. Besides, hiking is good for our health.

It actually surprised me that I was okay after the hiking since I haven’t exercised for a long time. But Yulia, I have no doubt. She walked happily and hiked really well.


Then we saw this breathtaking view.


…and took a photo.

Of course, we didn’t let the chance of eating traditional food, go to waste.


After eating a heavy meal, we started sipping our fresh “buko” or Coconut.


Here’s Yulia, enjoying the view of several fresh coconuts in one table.onestepadventures_cont_allie_fresh-coconut1

After a bountiful meal, we sipped our share of coconuts.

We went down to see Mr. Carabao whom Yulia gave a kiss. ?


Below, you can see the Antona Cave in the mountains of Laurel, Batangas.

However, it’s not a tourist spot, but if you can find this then you are lucky. ūüôā


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