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Couchsurfing Special: Welcoming Yulia in Lipa, Batangas #1

Здравствуйте!  (Hello!)  How are you doing? I hope you are all doing something fun and you are happy. So, I actually didn’t expect that I would be writing something about this trip. I just really want to share something that I have never experienced before.

Having Yulia in my house for a few days had been so much fun. My place isn’t something that offers a lot of fun activities, but we were lucky to have seen some beautiful places.

Since it’s her first time here, one tourist spot that she wanted to see was the “Taal Volcano”. Although it wasn’t as exciting as having a party, this was focused on appreciating the beauty of nature.

On Tuesday, she arrived in Lipa. Prior to her arrival, she stayed with an Awesome host in Manila. First stop was mom’s office and we left her bag there for a moment. Next,  Fat Grill! It’s not a tourist spot, but if you are looking for some really good food, then look no further because you’ll definitely find these awesome meals.

We ate:

Fat Boy’s Liempo – which is composed of fried Anchovies, Liempo and some slices of tomatoes + a cup of rice.

Krispy Kare Kare (KKK) – The traditional Kare-kare but without the overwhelming soup. They offer a small bowl of soup and the meats are especially made Krispy added with the complementing taste of alamang.

Baby Come Back – it’s Baby back ribs that are really tasty and delicious. Awesome! you should try it.

Sadly, I don’t have beautiful photos to share with you regarding that, but if you are interested to try it, please check out the link down below so you can visit Fat Grill itself.


Couchsurfing Special:  Going to Taal, Batangas with Yulia #2


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