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Exploring Coffee in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

Walking on the streets in Vigan City lead me to a coffee shop. I saw it the night before, but it was already closed. So when I saw it again, I decided to give it a try.

Seeing all these options on the menu made me confused. Haha! I wanted to order the usual Cappuccino/Matcha Green Tea Latte but I stopped myself from ordering what I already tried.

On the top menu, they have three coffees that I have never seen in any coffee shops:

  1. Red Eye Coffee – coffee with two shots of Espresso
  2. Soya Coffee – made of soy beans
  3. Sigay Coffee  – coffee with beans harvested from the city of Sigay, Ilocos Sur

Since I need to be up early, and it was almost 5pm at the time, I ordered a Soya Coffee. It was something new. It’s definitely a good choice. I can taste the soy beans and it felt good drinking it. Taste like real coffee, but healthier.

Coffee Break Vigan Soya Coffee.jpeg

Since I enjoyed the ambiance of this coffee shop, I decided to talk to someone. And that someone is Ms. Betty.


She is originally from Baguio, and now lives in Vigan City, with her husband. She makes sure that everything is in place for their two branches in Vigan.

Her brother-in-law conceptualized this Coffee Shop. He wanted to build a coffee shop that will showcase the historical city of Vigan, while relating to the young consumers of their local products.


Unlike the usual coffee shops I go to in Lipa City, Batangas, Coffee Break Vigan veered away from the traditional style. Here’s the photo from their shop that liked that most. It absolutely adds a good feeling while having a sip of your chosen coffee.

Coffee Break Vigan History
These photos are personally taken by her brother-in-law or husband. Definitely a must-see.


Aside from this city shots, you can also see this big photo combining all the traditions and cultures of the city.

Coffee Break Vigan Photo.jpeg

Local Products:

In this section, you will see the local products that they promote. Actually, they learned under the Department of Tourism and now offers this locally-brewed Sigay Coffee. They also offer, Banna Rice Coffee and Balicutcha ( an alternative sweetener that you can put on your coffee).

Coffee Break Local Products.jpeg

They also have additional products. For example, they have this Pahimis Coffee, which they got from Amadeo Coffee in Tagaytay.

One thing I like about this store is that it looks so cozy, and yet it is informative enough for those who want to learn more about the coffee itself.

You can also choose your souvenirs from this shelf. You can buy keychains, Mugs, coffee and more.

Coffee Break Vigan Shirt

So this is the shirt they sell. Simply designed too, but has a nice feel to it.

Oh, and behind me is where you can buy homemade cakes. 🙂

Lastly, they have a second floor. If you want to have more privacy, you can go there. However, it is quite limited so you better be there early.

Overall, I enjoyed this whole experience. Just by trying this Soya Coffee and talking to Ms. Betty made my day. It was my last day in Vigan, so I am happy to actually talk to somebody who can share something about the place.

Coffee Break Vigan1.jpeg

Staying at my hostel was a good experience too, but since there were not many tourists or backpackers like me, I was not able to meet and hangout with other people.

I’ll talk more about my Vigan exploration next time.

Thanks Ms. Betty for these photos and for giving me a moment to learn more about  Coffee Break Vigan and the local products itself.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement, but since I liked Coffee Break Vigan, I recommend this to you if you happen to be around Vigan. They have 2 branches. You can visit them on Facebook too if you want to learn more about their local coffee. (Coffee Break Vigan)

If ever I will have another chance to visit, I will try the other types of coffee.

Okay, until then! See you guys!

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