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First Month in Slovakia

Prior to this trip, I never really had plans to visit Slovakia. It wasn’t even in my list of “countries to visit”. But things just happened unexpectedly. After 5 months of preparation for my wedding and this trip, I finally got my tourist visa.

Compared to all the other trips I had, I did not research for this country.  I let my the boyfriend take me to places.

Discovering Zmrzlina

Other than the amazing designs on the buildings around Bratislava, there are also a bunch of ice cream flavors you can find.


Mango, Lavender and Chocolate, Blueberry, Smolko (and we don’t know what the real flavor is), Raspberry, and Vanilla with Poppy Seeds.

There are Zmrzlina ( Ice Cream ) stores everywhere and the flavors are just deliciously irresistible. Since then, I figured I’ll try out all the flavors.

Flower Season

Since I was there mid-April to mid-May, the flowers are in bloom.

Tulips 1Tulips

Tulips here are amazingly vibrant and and beautiful. At first I thought it was fake. It;s just too beautiful for my eyes.

Strolling around the City

Going around Bratislava is fun. During this season, the weather really makes you more excited to go out.  You get to see many interesting infrastructure too.

Take this one for example. This is the SNP Bridge. It is famous for the UFO design, and people actually call it that due to its round shape and its position above the tower.

Bridge SNP

More Places

The Old Town is a nice place to see. It is a historical center where you can learn more about the past and see great buildings.

There are many ways to get there depending on where you are staying. In my case, I was just nearby so we just walk our way there. The good thing about Bratislava is that you can basically walk from one place to another in an average time of 15 minutes.

If you walk a little further, you’ll see the Bratislava Castle.

Bratislava Castle.jpg

You can go around it too and find this huge garden.


This garden has been here for many years and was reconstructed recently that caters to more people for free.



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