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Travel Journal: Laos – Back to Vientiane

I was very excited to go back to Vientiane.


          Here I was when I checked the bus number.  It departed at 8am. 

We arrived there at around 7PM.Unlike other ports, we can’t sleep there. The area closes at 8PM or 9PM.  We had to look for a place to stay. The experience from Luang Prabang wasn’t as exciting as Thailand. The travel time was so exhausting and a bit frightening. I am not sure how many times I wished I wasn’t there.Although, the good thing about Laos is, you can truly relax with its ambiance. It has its benefits especially to those who wishes to escape quick-paced living.See this pink paper below? These are our tickets going back to Vientiane Capital.

I never thought I would ever walk 1.5 km just to buy a bus ticket.

But I and my friend had to.

We walked continuously under a very warm weather.

I remember how I frequently had to apply sunblock. It was funny but truly uncomfortable.

The sun is fine, it was refreshingly new for both of us. Besides, we had no choice. We also had to bear getting sprayed-at numerous times! Imagine how awful we looked like before we got to the train station.

We finally got to the Bus Station where we bought the tickets. Getting there was very challenging.. So if you have plans of going to Vientiane or just anywhere in Laos, you have to make sure that you have “Useful Expressions in Lao” handy. Most of them do not speak English so you really have to get your useful expressions working immediately.

The pink ticket above costs more each in comparison to the ticket coming here. Going back costs 20,000 kip higher. But wait—along the bus trip, all of the bus passengers will have a chance to eat their famous Lao Noodle. 🙂

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