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Following the Wind to the North

“Make a habit of trying new things.”

They woke up to the welcoming sun of Ilocos on their third day.

Next on the list is Bangui Windmills. It was far! There were several curves on the road. The travel time was 1 and a half hours. One can think that the windmills are small but it was huge! If you want to measure it around, it would probably need about 10 people just to measure the post.

Bangui Windmill (1).jpg

The sea is so close. It was located next to the mills. But you can’t swim there. The winds are too strong.


If you have been seeing the increasing photos of random people all over the world under the colorful umbrellas, you will know that it could be exciting to have an instagrammable photo in that kind of setting. They enjoyed that moment and Cj had one too.

Umbrella Canopy.jpg

Paoay Church

Paoay Church.jpg

“Thisis the oldest Baroque church I like how it was built. It’s such a beauty. It is like Taal Church but for me this is more beautiful.”

“Around the church are beautiful gardens. At the time, it was absolutely hot, but it’s worth the trip.”


Ilocos is quite known for their empanada. It is made of grated papaya, vegetables and meat. You can dip it in vinegar.


It’s nice to have tried it butCj did not like it that much. There was no taste, and it is oily. But of course, the opinion about this food can vary. The thing you have to remember though is that Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur have 2 different empanadas.

The next time you go there, feel free to try it. It is big. You might need both hands to hold it.

You can also keep something to remember. Buy souvenirs. It’s basically everywhere.

There are giveaways. You can also buy “kalamay”, Filipino snack made of sticky rice– 10 pieces for 50 pesos. 

You can also buy the famous bagnet. If I’m not mistaken, i’d say it’s around 300 pesos.

Chicha corn – 35 pesos

Sukang Ilocos (Ilocos Vinegar) 100 pesos for 1 gallon.

But Cj’s advice is to buy souvenirs (or Pasalubong) on your way home because the trip is long, some pasalubongs might be rotten. It takes about 10 hours to go back (at least by Van)


  1. Best part of the trip? – Sand Dunes. The experience in Sand Dunes is just like life or roller coaster, but fun.

     2. What can you say about your Ilocos Experience?

  • Overall experience is worth it
  • It was pure fun and enjoyment. 
  • The people there are easy to talk to.
  • I did not like the empanada but I enjoyed eating bagnet.



  1. Magdala ng madaming pamalit na damit
  2. Hnd masasabi kung papawisan o mababasa
  3. Dagdagan ang budget kung gusto ng pasalubong
  4. Good quality ng camera


Don’t litter. And just like what the quote says, 

“Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, And kill nothing but time.”

So that’s it! Thank you Cj for sharing your experience.

See you on our next adventure!


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