Your Road to Happiness

Your Road to Happiness

This afternoon, I saw a video of a girl who transformed her muscular form into a healthier and happier body. It’s interesting indeed. A lot of people today are hitting the gym, doing push-ups and running on the treadmill. And that’s awesome. I sometimes do that too.

The reason I decided to write this today is because I felt a sense of happiness just by reading through the text video I watched. It’s an amazing feeling to reach a point in your life when you can truly say, “I am happy and I love what I do. I love myself.”

There are numerous times in my life that I just don’t see any reason to love myself. And more often than not, the mean things you hear from people just became a part of you. There’s no escape–or if there is; it’s not easy.

From time to time, we see beautiful things in our lives. Let’s use that to our advantage and motivate ourselves. That motivation though, is hard to keep. So it’s best to find a way and follow through.

It’s easier than done but look forward to the day where you are finally at your rocking chair, smiling at the memories and be able to say, “I made it.”

At the end of the day, it is important to be able to love ourselves. Accept that there are things that may or may not work out and that it is okay. IT IS OKAY. It is not for other people to decide what’s best for you. We are created to become the best that we can be and I know that we can be that and happy.

Dream. Do what you love. Be happy.


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