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The Choices we Make

Talking to my partner yesterday, I heard myself talk about why I don’t go to the beaches often. I said, “Because going to the beach is costly. I need to rent a car or a van, so I can go directly to the place with comfort, paying the entrance fee, buying food on the beach.”

You can say that I can choose a different way if I wanted to and yes, I’d have to agree with you.  But thinking about what will be left of me after this so-called “relaxing experience”, seemed stressful enough.

And then he said,  “Well, you live in a place with a lot of beaches.” Yeah, that’s right. Surely, there are plenty of seas I can explore. But then my indoor-loving-self whispers and say, “Stay here. See how relaxing this bed is?” Damn! My inner devil wants to travel while the other is pulling me back to bed.

After that conversation, I realized how many beautiful things I am missing out on. But at the same time, I am not yet ready to sacrifice everything and go. Traveling to a new place or a place you have grown to like can be scary when you are inside that box, but I already know the feeling when I’m out of it. It’s more frightening but it gives you this exciting feeling.

Going to the beach is something I can do anytime, but life is also too short not to do it soon. The beauty of nature is enticing enough. The sound of the waves are music to the ears, and the fresh breeze coming from the horizon–these are what I look forward to.

So if you have something at the back of your mind, that you have been putting aside for a while now, go ahead. Visit your visions and dreams once again. Take a look at your options and see the world, one step at a time. It doesn’t have to be a beach, it can be a mountain, or a house in a different city, or even just an activity you have been itching to try for years.

Do what you love. But if you love to stay at home, that’s fine too. But find time to take a breather. A real one. Go outside and inhale the scent of adventure. You don’t have to be with a lot of people if that makes you uncomfortable. Just be yourself and have the courage to do it in a way that you’ll feel more alive.

You don’t have to do it today but find time. The choices we make today will shape you to become the person you are destined to be.

You’ll thank yourself afterwards.

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