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Rainy Days in Baguio

Arrival: At around 5:30 AM, I arrived at the Victory Liner Terminal. It was raining hard. After a few minutes, Jessie came and gave me a big, welcoming hug. It was very comforting to see a familiar face.

Since it’s raining, we just stayed at home and hung out.

Day 1: We went to town and explored the public market a bit. Checked out a few stores and some affordable clothes at the thrift shops. And it is truly cheap! Very good quality for a very low price.

Day 2: Went to Minesview. It is supposed to give us a great view from the top but the foggy skies did not allow us to do that.

Interesting Things for me:

But I did find some interesting plants like the violet Korean Chili. It was the first time to see that.

Korean Chili

Next to that is this Ube-flavored Taho. It’s a Filipino snack made from stilken tofu, sugar, vanille and sago pearls. I think it was 30 pesos/0.48 eur.

Ube Taho

There you can also buy souvenirs ranging from key chains, bags, shirts to assorted food and snacks to take home. Some stalls offer assorted snacks for 3 for 100 pesos, and others for 7 for 100 pesos. You just have to find the spots that offer that.

Jessie and I
Jessie, my friend and my photographer. 😀


Short Trips:

On our way back, we got off at The Mansion. It was huge. And the gate looked amazing. (yes, my joy lies in the simplest things).

The Mansion

We went in but only in front of The Mansion. Only authorized personnel are allowed inside.

As we were leaving, we saw the Wright Park.

Wright Park.jpg

Next, is the Botanical Garden. This garden showcases many different types of plants for cultivation and display. In this garden, they made it more interesting. Not just for plant-lovers but also for those who simply want to enjoy the view. Even some statues that look like Machete, and characters like Kung-Fu Panda and other cute animals are there too.

There is also a section for the Chinese-Filipino friendship community. I was unable to take a photo, but here’s a similar arc I saw.

Microwave Photo
Haha in this moment, I tried to protect my bag. It is dripping wet. I need to find a solution. I guess, microwaving it was not enough. 

In some parts of the garden, small but beautiful waterfalls can be found.











Things I did not like:

Horses sleeping in the rain.

  • I was happy to see the horse but it was also a sad moment for me. They were all there standing while it’s raining. And some of them, even had their hair colored just so they can be more attractive for the visitors.


 The endless rain. 

  • It has been raining for a while. I knew that July is the rainy season but it’s my only available time before I go to other destinations. So that one made me quite disappointed, but I’ve gotten used  to it. I decided to just enjoy the most out of this experience and see what else is in store for me.


Note: There are more other things I could’ve taken a photo of, but I guess I focused more on finding a shade or enjoying all the places as much as I could. 


  1. What are the things that made you feel sad or disappointed?
  2. If it was also raining on your trip, what did you do to enjoy the moment?
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