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Ruth’s First Solo Travel

When’s the last time you went to a new place and had fun?

Whether or not, you are just discovering the wonders of traveling, it’s okay. There are many of us and we are here to share different experiences.

Today, we’ll talk about Ruth. She traveled solo for the very first time in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Although it was exciting, it is inevitable to feel worried. There’s a language barrier that may potentially make this trip unbearable; and the fear of being alone.

Those fears did not stop her from trying. She did the best thing a traveler can do–to ask. She asked the receptionist about places and maps.

What made you travel solo?

Well, I’ve been wanting to do it for quite sometime so I decided to go for it.

What were the challenges you encountered?

Overall, there weren’t many. It’s just the taxi experience I had wherein we had a miscommunication, I wanted to go somewhere and it seemed like a long ride. I was scammed. I found out that the spot was just in the next block.

Another thing, this one is not really a challenge but when I meet people, they often ask, “Why are you a solo traveler?”  or “Why don’t you have a husband?” It  was common for other nationalities to think that most Asians marry early.

What were the best parts of your Vietnam trip?

People are nice in general. And they really help me find the place that I need to go to. “Tinuturo talaga nila kung saan.” 

Going to Pho ba was great. I loved the locals.

What are the places you visited in Vietnam?

I visited a few places nearby. Konti lang naman.

There’s a:

  1. museum
  2. Pagoda (temples) – “nilakad ko lang.”

What are your recommendations?

  1. Tour ( 1 day) – Ruth recommends that you try a tour. It’s fun.
  2. From Hanoi, I went to Ho Chi Min, then Cambodia, went back by plane and that’s it.

Here are some “tipid” tips from Ruth: Book a flight early and find good deals. For the accommodation, I booked a private room in the Golden Time Hostel. I can’t remember how much my pocket money was but I remember it was about 3 million dong. I used

Of course, other than these tipid tips, there are more things to remember.

Ruth says that the first among all the important tips is to have the Mental Preparedness. You have to be ready and prepare yourself from unexpected circumstances.

2nd: “Magbantay ng promo.” Be alert when it comes to flight promotions or discounts. It’s good to book on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. It’s not easy, medyo nakakapuyat, but you just have to be patient. On Wednesdays, 12 am to 3am, is a good time to find promos.

She booked her flight in between January  to March. Finally, I booked a ticket for the month of July.

3rd: “Mag-ipon.”  Save money.

  • Plan well.
  • Use a credit card, but make sure that you pay your debts responsibly and pay it in full.

4th: Be happy.

5th: Be respectful towards the country’s  customs and traditions.


Okay, that’s about it! Thanks Ruth for sharing your experiences with us. I agree with what you said, particularly with #4 and 5,. Wherever we go, it is a must. Being respectful will bring you the most beautiful experiences.

So, thanks and surely there were many people who would love to be a part of our traveling community!

You may also visit her blog for a more personal experience-sharing:




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