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Seeing Yokohama in a Resident’s POV

Hi there! Today, I have here Jun-san. He gladly answered all our questions and would love to share about Yokohama, Japan.
How long have you been living in Yokohama?

I live in Yokohama for around 40 years.The image of Yokohama that everybody knows is an area along the coastal line. Yokohama lengthens inland from the shore.

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What’s the main difference between Yokohama and Tokyo?
There is a lot.It is difficult to squeeze it.

Present Tokyo has a central role, function of Japan. Politics, economy, etc.
The Imperial Palace where the Emperor lives in is in Tokyo.
The foreign embassy is in Tokyo.
The head office of the company is concentrated in Tokyo.
There are many people working in Tokyo, but most are the commuters from the suburbs including Yokohama.
The doughnut-shaped population pattern that population decreases to when a commuter comes home happens.
178 University is educated in Tokyo.
The person living from old days is said to be ”Edotsuko”.

Yokohama is a local city.
The second has much population next to Tokyo.
Yokohama Port has a tradition about opening of a port of Japan.
The Chinatown of Yokohama is full of many overseas tourists.
The World Cup of the soccer was held in Yokohama Nissan Stadium.
26 University is educated in Yokohama.
The person living from old days is said to be a ”Hamatsuko”.

What’s the best thing about Yokohama?
The Yokohama suburbs have some forests. The place where I live in is surrounded by the forests. It is a city, but can live among green. It is the best life space for me. The inland is a town with much green.

Which restaurants do you recommend tourists to visit in Yokohama?
There is the famous overseas hotel.

But, speaking of Yokohama, I recommend a Chinatown.
萬珍樓(manchinro)“聘珍樓(heichinro)” is famous in a shop. The rate is high.

“招福門(shoufukumon)” having the high-quality Chinese restaurant that specializes in sharksfin is an all-you-can-eat shop where is the most popular in a Chinatown.

Order types are served unlimitedly, and “横浜大飯店(yokohamaーdaihanten)
is a shop of the great favorable reception.

Does Yokohama have a specialty food?
You can eat special product food in a Chinatown.

What are the places you recommend tourists to visit in Yokohama? 
The meal is a Chinatown. Yokohama Port area is a tourist attraction.
It is not Yokohama. I introduce Kamakura to know the Japanese culture.

It is 30 minutes by a train from Yokohama. Kamakura has a temple, a lot of Shinto shrines.You can know the Japanese tradition, culture. It is famous worldwide.It takes time to watch it for one day.

What do you dislike about Yokohama?
‌A hateful place. Yokohama is a person brand-like in Japan.
So the Yokohama inhabitants think that they have a strong brand awareness. I plan casino construction in Yokohama. Mayor present post promotes it, but wants to stop it.
I do not want to vote in the next election.

What’s the most memorable experience you had in Yokohama?
The junior high school, the high school graduated from a school in Yokohama.
Anyone thinks the memory of this time to be unforgettable. I held the wedding ceremony in Yokohama. I was tense. The contents are not the things which I can show, but are an important memory.

If I love nature, is it a good idea to go to Yokohama, why or why not?
There is no nature such as the photograph which there was in the blog in Yokohama. It is the scene that it is like a village that is in Yokohama. There is a lot of dynamic nature. In within easy reach of. It is Mount Fuji in the mountain. It is the Izu area in the sea.

What souvenirs can people buy in Yokohama?
Please check it on the Internet that there is a lot.
Japan is filled food, clothing and shelter with.

Can you describe the modern Yokohama? How is it different from the Yokohama you know 20 years ago?
The landfill of the coastal line spreads, and commercial facilities are jumbled up close together.Grove of miscellaneous trees decreases, and the inland does change ‏ in the residential area. The population rises 800,000 in 20 years.I gather from attractive Yokohama, the whole country.

The end


*Jun-san realized that there’s a lot to see in Yokohama and in many ways.

I wonder what you guys think about your hometown. Please share it with us!


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