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Why Taiwan is a Great Destination for Shoppers

#Message: ¬†Hello One Step Adventure readers! Thank you for your continuous support. I really appreciate you guys for dropping by and checking out some of the interviews here. ūüôā I started this because I really enjoy stories and I want to share all the pros and cons that each of these travelers have experienced along the way.

Okay, that’s it for now. This post is not about me but it’s about Cai’s wonderful experience in Taiwan.

So first of all, I met Cai in Manila. I decided to go on an adventure out on a whim simply because I was inspired by other couchsurfers. It was so much fun and so I thought, “hmmm, why not?” (I’ll talk more about my couchsurfing experiences in another post)

Here it goes:

What are the countries you have been to?

Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Among these beautiful countries, which one do you like best?

For Cai, this is a tough question since each country has its own beauty and the experiences were different from one another. However, she said that traveling to Taiwan is the best. I haven’t been there but I look forward to seeing the beautiful sites and its ¬†wonderful culture.

Shopping, Food & Sights

She said that there’s good food, and it is cheap. People are also very kind. And perhaps, Taiwan is the best for her since she also enjoys shopping. Cai said, “There are lots of items that you can buy like cheap electronic gadgets and clothes.” She was also able to experience riding a cable car in Maokong, Taipei. “It is the highest ferris wheel you can try. Window China is also a good choice since it is a re-creation of different tourist spots around the world.”

Not only that, Cai was also able to enjoy an eat-all-you-can area. This was back in June 2010. Imagine how exciting it is now. Cai also liked Taipei 101. They have everything in there: flower garden, mall with a good view and even a museum! She bought a post card to send it back but she forgot to do it since Taiwan is so beautiful. And we understand that. 

“They have a good transport. It is punctual too. I also liked their movie house. The movie house isn’t like what we have in the Philippines. The whole building is literally a movie place. And if I remember it correctly, I probably watched Prince of Persia on the 3rd floor. I cannot remember how much it costs to watch a movie but I guess it was reasonable.

I also liked the Flower Farm. It has an entrance fee but it’s really nice. They also have night markets. And there’s this Shabu Buffet where you can eat all you can.”

How about the things you dislike in Taiwan?

It is not cheap to ride a taxi, but if you are going home during the odd hours or even at night, wala ng train (There are no trains). And when you ride the train, you can choose from these 3: Major Station, All Station and Bullet Train. There are trains that has stop overs. Pero meron din na wala, diretso lang. (But there are some without stop overs, just straight to the destination)

There you have it!  A sneak peak to what you can enjoy in Taiwan.


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