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Story of the Week: Travel to Hong Kong & Macau with May

If you will travel, where will you go? 

This 25-year old Financial Officer, a dreamer, conditioned her mind and made sure that it will be a great 2017 for her. (Good job May! I love your spirit! )And so, on January 11-14, 2017, she flew to Hong Kong and Macau with her friends.

And it got even better because her friends also had the same plan. Unlike most of my posts here, May and her friends prefer packages. Each of them had a budget of 21,000 Philippine pesos for the whole trip. And it’s great! They enjoyed their tour and their accommodation.


May had so much fun. A package was able to give them enough time to go to places without having to think about where to go next. It was organized and saved them a lot of time.

HK Airport.jpg

Upon arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport,  she was amazed at the creative design. After a few moments of picture-taking, they went straight to their hotel accommodation. ( Oohh, even I would look forward to that! How exciting!) Afterwards, they went to The Peak.


It is such a beautiful place to see the city! It’s overlooking the busy streets and tall buildings of Hong Kong. There’s nothing like it in the Philippines. There’s a also a train/tram that they can use to enjoy the view.  Madam Tussauds was somewhat a part of the tour. May even took a photo with Bruce Lee. 🙂

What’s your favorite part of your trip?

I really love Disneyland. It was great. We went there a little later in the morning. I felt like I am back to being a kid. It made me so happy. It’s funny though. My friends and I road this boat before going to Disneyland. Thinking it was part of the package, we hopped in and enjoyed the ride. Little did we know that it will cost us $60 (HK).

What did you feel upon entering Disneyland?

I felt so overwhelmed. This is it.  I was very excited because it was my very first trip. And compared to my friends, they had been to other countries already.  Not that it matters, but first times are good moments to remember. It was my advance birthday gift for myself. At the same time, I considered it as a reward for the years I spent working and studying.

And this excitement wasn’t just in Disneyland. I can’t even sleep the night before the flight. I was very excited.


Next up: Exploring Hong Kong and Macau Part II

Credits to Ms. May for all the photos. 


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