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STORY OF THE WEEK: From Japan to Canada; Years of Friendship #2

Hello once again! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed our story last week, because we are not yet done. Here’s the second part of Toshi-san’s wonderful experience.

Source: Toshi-san

For him, the best seasons are Summer, Spring and Autumn. These seasons are so good that he cannot choose one as the experiences are always memorable.

Of course, Canada is nothing without its people. Toshi-san says that there are good and bad people, like many others. His friend however, is a teacher in high school. His ancestors were from Germany and Scotland.

Years ago, his friend got married in Ottawa, which is the main city of Canada. The young husband has a business in Grand Prairie. They raised four children. Up until now, they still live there.

People in Canada come from different countries,. Toshi said. There are many kinds of people, except for those who are originally living in Canada in the old times. It is very different from the Japanese. For about 2,550 years in history, almost all of them are pure Japanese.

Ottawa (source: Toshi-san)

I am delighted at Toshi’s great memory of the past. Everything seemed fresh and remembering these is a trip down memory lane. Finally, here’s his message for those who wants to visit Canada.


“Canada is all the same. It is the second biggest country in the world;. very very spacious. We cannot move without cars. Of course, there are trains available but it comes once or twice a day. When you move from one town to another, there’s about 400 or 500 km. There is no traffic jam, just a few cars.”

There you go guys! Toshi-san is encouraging you to explore Canada and experience a diverse culture without thinking about getting late to your next destination.

See you! 🙂

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