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Story of the Week: SkyCab and Wildlife Park, Langkawi Island, Malaysia 2016

Hey everybody! How are you? I hope you are well because I am! I am also excited to share Shiori-san’s delightful experience in Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Unlike Shiori-san and her husband, I haven’t been to this place, that’s why I am so amazed by the beauty of this place when I saw it. I can say that it’s somewhat similar to the islands I see in the Philippines ( at least based on the photos online–I haven’t been to most of the islands here in the Philippines anyway. 😛 ).

So according to “langkawi-info website“, Langkawi Island is a collection of 100 islands and you can find numerous adventures in each one of them. One good example is the SkyCab where you can see the breathtaking view from three different spots namely: Base Station, Middle Station and Top Station.

Shiori-san was nervous but she also crossed the SkyBridge excitingly. There were parts of the bridge that are made of glass and you can see the almost endless depth of the beautiful mountain.

This photo is not mine. It belongs to
For those of you who want to visit this place, you may call  +604 959 4225  and ask all about the things you want to know such a price, fees that you need to pay and so on.
As for my friend Shiori-san, she and her husband enjoyed this trip very much. During the SkyCab ride, she met a lady who was very nice and conversant in English.

Of course, they wouldn’t miss the very famous Langkawi Bird Paradise.

Source: Shiori-san

This bird looked very classy in its standing position. I wonder if it’s thinking or if it’s just gazing into the distance.

Source: Shiori-san

Those crossed legs combined with the natural beauty of its feathers are indeed very elegant to look at.

Source: Shiori-san

Unfortunately, Shiori-san cannot find the names of these amazing creatures. Nonetheless, these creatures are still beautiful.

The adventure doesn’t end here though. The couple also found some monkeys and lizards during their Mangrove Trip. They booked the Mangrove trip before their flight so there weren’t any hassles, all they have to do was enjoy. In tht mangrove trip, they experienced riding this small boat. It was a good experience and the even fed eagles flying by.
Source: Shiori-san
Here you can see a big trunk where the lizard decided to rest. Or maybe, it is looking for a friend.. Hmm, what do you think?
Source: Shiori-san
And here is the cute monkey who seemed to be saying something through its gestures and convincing eyes.
So there you go! Thank you to Shiori-san and her husband for sharing this wonderful experience. If you have experienced something like this or if you are thinking about going to some places in Malaysia, consider going to Langkawi Island and have fun!
See you!
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