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Story of the Week: Toshiki-san’s Trip to Argentina

Hello! We’re back with a story from our friend, Toshiki! I am thankful that he agreed to share his experience in Argentina. 🙂


Here goes the interview:

1. When did you go to Argentina? 

From May 20 to May 26.

2. Where in Argentina did you go?

I went to Buenos Aires.

3. What accommodations did you choose and what were the factors you considered before booking that hotel and plane?

Sheraton hotel because the place is not cheap and not expensive. I used Emirates Airline because this takes shorter time than other ways.

4. What are the things you brought to your trip? And which was most useful?

Milk jam and some snacks. If you want to buy souvenir, it is very good. ( In this part, I believe Toshiki-san is referring to the milk jam he found in Argentina. It’s famous. At first, he thought it was a weird but when he tasted it, he really liked it.)

5. What’s the best thing about going to a country in South America?

You can go to natural place like Iguazu falls. It’s much bigger than Niagara Falls in Canada and it was amazing.

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This photo is from:

6. Did you have a chance to try Argentina’s traditional food?

Empanada  (We also have Empanada here in the Philippines and that is sooooo good! You should try it.  Thanks for reminding me about this Toshiki-san! )

7. What did you like most about this experience?

Tango showcase. It is beautiful.

8. What did you dislike most about this experience?

Sometimes dangerous.

9. If you can recommend a restaurant in Argentina, which is it and why?

La Cabana, this restaurant is bit expensive, but you can eat great meet and Empanada.

10. What did you learn from this trip?

When you take 30 hour-long flight, you should use famous airline company because you need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sleep on your seat. If the food quality isn’t good, it gets stressful. I recommend Emirates airline. Everything is good.

11. For those, who also wants to visit Argentina, what advice would you give them in terms of:
a. Transportation – Please be with someone else when you walk. Taxi is better.
b. Food – You should eat meat.
c. Communication with People – It’s difficult to communicate with local people using English. You should download translator app to Spanish.

12. If you had a chance to visit another country in South America, which country would it be and why?

I would like to visit Uruguay because you can go there just 1 – 2 hours using ship.


So that’s a little about Toshiki-san’s trip. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.


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