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Juanan Says Hola España!

 conventional long form: Kingdom of Spain

conventional short form: Spain

local long form: Reino de Espana

local short form: Espana

etymology: derivation of the name “Espana” is uncertain, but may come from the Phoenician term “span,” related to the word “spy,” meaning “to forge metals,” so, “i-spn-ya” would mean “place where metals are forged”; the ancient Phoenicians long exploited the Iberian Peninsula for its mineral wealth



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“Para mi España es un orgullo, me siento orgulloso de ser de un pais lleno de gente buena, simpatica y agradable, donde nos encanta recibir turistas y gente que aprecie nuestra cultura y nuestros lugares. España es un pais lleno de bonitos paisajes, de una magnifica arquitectura y de tantos y tantos lugares por ver. Ademas de contar con la mejor gastronomia que podras encontrar!! Sencillamente me encanta ser español!”

— Juanan

Q: Where are you from?

A: I am from Albacete, Spain!  
Q: What do u like about your city? Elaborate or explain further.

A: I love Albacete because its a quiet and calm city: you can do all what you want, and you can go walking quietly for everyplace! I like that we have beautiful montain villages at the south with nice landscapes! And if you like sport you can watch our local football team, or practice a lot of sports like tennis, football, paddel, etc! If you want to visit an amazing village you have to go to Alcala del Jucar which its one of the most beautiful villages of Spain! Albacete its very popular because we have interesting and very tasty wines and cheeses! Here we cultivate grapes so you can find amazing wines here! so if you want to do something different and to have a nice experience come here! A quiet, beauty and with good food city!

Q: Can you tell us how far Albacete is from the very popular Barcelona?

A: Albacete its very far from Albacete, 5 hours by car!

Q: What are the usual public transport in your city?

A:  Bus and train! we have a good connection with the most important cities by car or train.

Q: What is the most delicious Spanish food you have ever tasted?

A: Paella ? jajajaja I love Paella

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Q: Where can we buy that food?

A You can find it in every restaurant.

Q: What are the estimated price of that food?

A: mmmm maybe 10-12 euros

Q: What are the cities you recommend? Explain.

A:  I recommend Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona. I like them! But you can go to other beautiful cities too! Spain its very interesting!! 

~I like Cordoba because they have amazing architecture like La Mezquita de Cordoba.

Image result for La Mezquita de Cordoba.
La Mezquita de Cordoba

~Sevilla because there you can find a lot of spanish culture and you can see there beautiful monuments like the Cathedral or Plaza España.

~ Madrid because its the capital and for me one of the most amazing capitals around the world!

~ Toledo its the capital of my region. I like spending my time there.

~ Barcelona its very popular because Gaudi´s architecture

Q: What are the seasons in Spain? What activities can you do during summer that other nationalities don’t usually do?

A: We normally have 2 seasons: summer and winter, extreme weather here !! You can go to the beach. Here, it’s the most popular activity because we love sunbathing and go to the beach for eating something, drinking some cold drink! You can go to crowded beaches and if you want to prove something different you can go to our nudist and beautiful beaches for relaxing and try something different.

Q: Please recommend festivals that tourists should experience.

A: La Tomatina de Buñol, Las Fallas de Valencia, La Feria de Sevilla, La Feria de Albacete

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Las Fallas de Valencia
File:Atracciones Feria de Albacete.jpg
La Feria de Albacete


Q:  What’s your message to our friends who are considering to travel to Spain?

A:  If you can to Spain you will enjoy a lot, its an amazing country and I am sure that you will come back lots of times!

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