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Strolling around Art in Island; The Biggest 3D Museum in Asia

Weather is totally unpredictable. So an indoor activity is the next logical thing to do!  However, we do not really know how to get there. All we know was it is in Cubao.

Eventually, we decided that nothing should stop us at all.

So here goes our adventure.

From SM Lipa, we were advised to choose the bus that says Cubao–but with Alimall. There are some buses that passes exactly where you need to be. And in this case, we were dropped off on the 15th Avenue.

Guess what? Art in Island is there. So we just got off, turned right and went straight ahead until we saw the actual building we were looking for!

Rode the bus at 9AM.

We arrived in Cubao at about 11:30AM. The trip took us almost 3 hours because of the usual traffic + the waiting time on the bus station.

We recommend that you leave early  to avoid traffic.

So this is the moment that I found  out that I can paint a Mona Lisa portrait too. haha!


And that my friend elephant is here. Haven’t see you in a while, buddy.


Yes, I am leaving. Byeeee World, Hello Magical Life.


Here am I as a mermaid. Hello friends!

There are many more paintings and images that you will enjoy. It’s all about the right angle. There are spots where you can step on to take the best shot, but it is also up to you to choose the angle that will suit your pose.

Meanwhile here are some tips we gathered during the trip:

  1. Entrance Fee is Php 500. That includes a Light Show at 1pm. (not sure if that is an everyday thing or if it is only every Wednesday)
  2. Eat a heavy meal if you intend to leave at 8 am or 9 am (from Lipa). Before you arrive, you might be hungry again. Plus, you are not allowed to bring food and drinks inside, you better get ready.
  3. Bring extra money.     RESTAURANT (2nd floor) The food price ranges from Php 180 to Php 250. For the meals itself, I can say that the cost is worth it. There’s enough serving for you. However, I don’t think that Php 180 is a fair price for a few fries. So if you are to buy something, better choose the 250-peso meal. For those who prefer to see more art, you can go to their CAFE (1st floor) and enjoy a sip of coffee or buy some souvenirs.
  4. Wear socks or bring some bedroom slippers if you like. You can choose to buy a special pair of shoes there, it’s Php 150. But it’s not really necessary. Just be careful while walking.
  5. It is not really that cold, so a simple shirt will suffice. Sweater or jacket is not necessary.
  6. Bring a nice camera and a friend who will help you get the shots. But, if you will go there alone, you can still enjoy it because the staff are nice and always willing to help.
  7. I don’t know if it is crowded on weekends, but I went there on Wednesday and I can say it was pretty comfortable. Not too many people.
  8. Please note, that once you leave the premises, you are not allowed to go back inside.

Overall, I’d say the experience was fun! Play with your poses and maximize the paintings around you! It can be pretty tiring but you’ll see yourself enjoying it–I hope.

Although the place gives you the freedom, always be mindful of your surroundings and be considerate to those who also want to take a photo.

If you are lucky, you can also meet some nice people like we did! They even helped us with some of our photos.


Thank you very much Judy Mae and bf! 🙂

So there you have it. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

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