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Suggested Japan Itinerary for You

This is a personal experience of a businessman who visited his relatives. Although it’s personal, you will find useful activities that you may want to include in your trip. Here’s a suggested Japan Itinerary for you.

DAY 1 (may 4)

Landed at Kansai

Get sim for internet data

Get tourist train tickets

Toured with Sis-in-Laws family to Rinku Town (Shooooooooping)

Rinku Town, Japan, Travel, One Step Adventures

Proceeded to Iga-Shi to meet rest of the sis-in-laws family

Checked in to our AirBNB.

Stayed overnight at Iga: Iga, Mie Prefecture: Birthplace of the Ninja.


Day 2 (May 5)

Tour of Iga w/ Sis in law family.

Went to see Iga Castle. 

Found a Shrine with early blooming Sakura.

Tour of Kyoto

Went to Inari Shrine: Fox temple, many Torii gates, delicious Japanese food.

Visited a Recycle Shop

*(Do not miss a chance to go to a Recycle shop: Cheap electronics and merchandise.)

Kyoto, Travel, Japan, One Step Adventures
Torii gates at inari shrine.


travel, Japan, Takoyaki, One Step Adventures
Trying out aunthentic Japanese takoyaki
Travel, Japan, Inari Shine, One Step Adventures
Inari Shrine Pathway leading to the temple. A must see if your ever near Kyoto.


Day 3 (May 6)

Back to Osaka

Took a train back to Osaka from Iga.  *(A beautiful scenic view of the mountains and small towns in Japan.)

Arrived at Namba Station and straight to Dotonbori.

Shopping for bags and fashion at Dotonbori/ Shinsaibashi. *(Shinsaibashi, a go to place for anime stuff)

Went back to our AirBNB to wait for bus tour to Osaka Castle.

Toured Osaka Castle (beautiful)

Ate Japanese food near our place in AirBNB


Day 4 (May 7)

Entire day at Universal Studios Japan.

“Shonen Jump! Shop” outside of Universal studios, great for souvenirs for anime lovers.

*Do not stay at USJ after 4pm: Very cold and the train ride back to the city is very hectic.*

Day 5 (May 8)

 Took Shinkanzen (Bullet train) from Osaka to Tokyo.


Tips for the trip:

  • Be sure to have Google Maps on your phone, it is the most useful for navigating their train system.
  • Pack your best jacket if you’re planning a trip before June.
  • Dont be afraid to speak English in big cities like Osaka. Japanese wont respond in perfect English, but they are sincere enough to try to understand and help you.
  • Use bathrooms at every opportunity.

Tips for Landing Visa:

  • Aside from the actual requirements, ready your supporting documents that will help you prove that you are not their for illegal entry. * Tax return documents (Is the most important) * Bank account documents * Professional documents

One last tip for getting a Visa:

  • If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to hotels, try booking an AirBNB. The Japanese Embassy does not grant visa entry if you put in a residents address on your application. But they do allow foreigners to stay in AirBNB personal lodging.
  • Book places near Shinsaibashi or Dotonbori to save on travel time and money.


So that’s Jet advice for those of you who wish to get a visa and start with simple itineraries. Of course, you can add some more activities around the area and find your own style. And if you did, feel free to share your itineraries. 🙂

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