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The Most Important Things You Learn About Yourself When Traveling

Hello everyone! I have been thinking about the most important things I learned in my trips and I thought, why not ask this question to those who really enjoy traveling. And where else can I find those people? INTERPALS! But you might ask what Interpals is. Basically, Interpals is a website where you can meet new friends, penpals, travel buddies and language partners. For those who are lucky, this is a website where you can find really good friends for a lifetime. And I am happy to say that I am one of the lucky ones. I have been a member here for 3 years now, and I am very happy that through Interpals, I have seen the world from a distance, through this worldwide friendship.

I sent them a question, What did you learn about yourself while traveling? And here’s what people said:

“I’m more comfortable & more confident in a interstate city then my own city especially at night.” — Rivkah

Wow! I’d say that this is also true for me. I just don’t know why but I have the same feeling. 

“..To be patient.” — Iis

Yes, this is really important. Being patient is something you’ll learn along the way.

“My sense of direction is really really bad.” — Jimmy

Haha! This rings true even for me. 

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“That I no longer subscribe to a sense of parochialism or provincialism, that the United States, in my humble estimation, is not the world; only a small portion there-of.” — Claire

“Sometimes, no plans are the best plans.” — Cristina

“I am capable and responsible.” — Imma

“That you can find true love anywhere in the world, no matter how different the two of you may be.” — Lyn

“…that I don’t need stuff, I need experiences. And that I can be friends with anyone, anywhere ehhehe.” –Alessandra

“…that I am taking too many things with me 😛 also that I miss my parents when I am not travelling with them or that I miss my home when I am travelling with them” — Marta

And then I saw this!

“That I am capable of doing more (by myself) than I thought I could…xD things that are scary don’t have to be impossible or difficult. I also found out that I am smarter at problem solving than I thought.” — Natalie

So there it is. These are real answers from people around the world. Can you relate? 🙂 I hope you do.

Feel free to share your own answers. And if you want to feature a question here, please get in touch. And you

Thank you and have a lovely day!

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