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Why You Should Get the 7-day Unlimited Train Ticket in Japan

Story of the Week: Jet’s First Day in Japan

Konnichiwa! If you are wondering where to go next, just sit back and relax and we will bring you to Japan.

How did I come about choosing Japan? 

One evening, I was thinking of what to write until finally, I thought about Japan. I went on Facebook and asked around the places they recommend.  Now, I am here and I will share many of the things that Jet, a businessman from South Cotabato, Philippines, have shared.

Where to Go?

Recently, Jet and his family went to The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. It’s as if I was there with him while he was telling me his wonderful experiences. But, what exactly did he see?

First Things First

Arriving at the Kansai Airport was a moment they had all been waiting for. Getting a sim card is a must if you want to find the best routes and places to visit in Japan while having fun looking for affordable shopping items. Japan has a fast internet service so you will surely enjoy browsing online.


Ticket Tips and Shopping Discounts


Buying a Tourist Train Ticket come in handy as you will be riding the train often. Jet and his family bought Php 2000 unlimited train ride ticket, which is useful for 7 days. And, it is discounted since they are tourists! So from Php 2000, you can it for Php 1600.  There are different types of ticket but your choices would depend greatly on your budget and your plans. Although there are taxis available, it can just cost you more since it doesn’t matter if you are near or far, the cost will probably be amounting to Php 500 anyway. So the best way to go is to use their train.

In Jet’s case, he opted to buy the cheapest ticket. It does not include the way to Iga, a province outside Osaka that is known to be the center of ninjutsu or ninjas. “Going outside Osaka wasn’t really expensive so you can buy a ticket for that purpose separately.” 


A year before this trip in May, Jet and his family already booked their flight from Philippine Airlines (PAL) for only Php 16,000, back and forth. Yes, there can be cheaper flights but this one is also a good find. Finding a good deal requires patience, skill and an approved visa. I’ll talk more about that in another post.

Jet’s Golden Tip: Don’t miss the chance to go to Rinku Town. You can find the latest styles of shoes that will make you cry if you are a shoe lover. And you can buy it for half the price! That’s the best discount you can get!  If you really love shoes, you can also find Nike outlets there. And don’t worry, you can visit Rinku Town by getting off the Rinku Station.


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