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Hiking Adventures in Batad; Is it worth it?

Allie was shocked to hear about the costly fare going to Batad. It wasn’t really clear why it would cost too much. She understands that there are only a few rides but it didn’t feel right. After about an hour, they arrived safely at their destination. Now, it is clear why the fare had to cost that much. The zigzags, the narrow road, the scary heights of these breathtaking mountains and the safety of the drivers. It’s worth the drive, yet dangerous to try.

The beauty of the various shades of green left them wanting more. Eventually, its beauty led them to an awesome trekking activity. They arrived at their hostel shortly after 20 minutes.  They continued exploring the muddy paths of Batad. Despite the numerous dead ends, they managed to find alternative routes until they find the next path.  Allie, an inexperienced hiker, had a difficult time. But she did not stop. She continued climbing, walking and doing her best until they reached the top. She was dragging her feet on the way up, but that didn’t stop her from having fun.


Michal continued to be his funny self and enjoyed jumping from one rock to another. He even took an equipment used for farming and strike a pose.  Rast’o, on the other hand, balanced having conversations between the two while helping Allie hop onto the next step on of this beautiful mountain.

Jumpshots – that’s what they love to do. Michal and and Rast’o enjoyed jumping onto the air for a well-taken photo. But that’s long gone. Those jumpshots were meant to be hidden. There were decent photos too, so that’s much better than those jumpshots you are never going to see.

They continued their trekking adventure. The rice field surrounded them with amazement. There’s nothing but fields of green. The mud complements the green perfectly.

“Ahh!” Allie managed to let out a short-lived scream. She slipped. Her left foot got stuck in the mud. They all laughed.

Every once in a while, Allie stops. With a constant push from Rast’o and reminders from Michal, they all made it to the top. These two men ordered a bottle of beer each. These stores have drinks that relieved the travelers from hunger and exhaustion. Allie ordered a cup of tea.

The clouds started to cover the beauty of greens. It’s getting dark. They had to move fast. It took them about an hour to reach the other side of the mountain. But it’s okay. They got home and took a rest.

….to be continued.

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