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Visiting Tourist Spots in Cebu

“Adventure is worthwhile.”

Yes, it is! Half the time, I am scared of things I don’t know. It terrifies me when I don’t know what could possibly happen. Although, it also gives me this indescribable feeling when I will do something I’ve never done before.

Going to Cebu for one. Travelers from around the world have heard about Cebu and its beauty and I can’t believe they visited it first.

Meanwhile, here are details from our recent trip.

At around 8am, we left our house in Lipa and went straight to the bus terminal.

10am – NAIA Terminal 2. My husband, Rast’o, had to get a pass so he can go to the Center Baggage Services to get his luggage. It was left by the last connecting fliught due to the previous plane’s delay. It has his medicines and clothes.

11 am – got the luggage

11:30am – Took a taxi to NAIA terminal 4.

12nn – in line for boarding

2:10pm – we arrived at the airport

3:10pm – I didn’t like that it was quite expensive to travel by grab to our Hostel. (Hostel 7) In the end, we paid 450php.


We had a brief moment to rest, freshen up and eat lunch. I had squid sisig with egg, while Rasto had the Crispy Tuna Bihod–and we do not have a clue what that is.


That same day, around 6pm, we are hoping to catch the sunset at Tops Lookout, And again, it is expensive. Kuya Jaime, the driver, said that it is going up and grab is wrong about the estimated cost because they did not consider the road on the way there.


So that was 1000 Php roundtrip. Later on, we found out that there was a cheaper way. But it’s too late for that.

The challenge was, we wanted it to be as DIY as possible but I can’t help myself from calculating costs.

On our way back, we went to the city. We asked the driver to drop us off at Magellan’s cross. It was nice. As you may know, that is the symbol of Magellan when he discovered the Philippines in 1521.


We walked around the park. It was quiet. We then went to Fort San Pedro which used to be the Fort that protected the city from pirates. I think this building is beautiful in the morning too. Nonetheless, it was still a beautiful sight at night. It was quite romantic with the lights lit like Christmas lights.


The fort was surrounded with couples. And that was funny. There were plenty of them. We were a bit surprised. On the other side of the fort however, were groups of people rehearsing a dance. It copuld be for a competition, but who knows?

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