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 Welcome to One Step Adventures!

It’s such a delight to have you here  reading my blog. I named it “One Step Adventures” because I got used to setting bigger goals and eventually fail because of the lack of planning. I have come to realize that it is better to take one step at a time until you get there.

Why did I start this blog?

Initially, my only purpose for blogging is to ensure that I can still look back to memories that I may forget someday. But now, I realized that I want to see the world and gather as many beautiful things that I can find so that the world can be seen in a different light.

I want the world to see the beauty of the many things that surrounds us everyday all over the world.

I want to share with you the things that other travelers have experienced but, cannot find the time, the courage or the best way to express themselves. Experiences and opportunities–it’s everywhere. Finding it, may not be as easy it sounds but we will find it.

Posting about different adventures of different people (including mine) weekly, that’s my goal. The time I spend writing these and interviewing people make me happy. You guys are so awesome and I look forward to sharing traveling adventures with you.

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2 thoughts on “ Welcome to One Step Adventures!

  1. Hi! I’m Disa – blogmate from Superhero Bloggers. Just attended the seminar today, July 15. I checked out your blog as a reference if you don’t mind. I’m still setting up my own. By the way, I totally love your site! Your travel tips are really helpful and so encouraging. See you around the web!

    1. Hi Disa! Great to have you here. I am honored to have you looking at my blog as a reference. I am new to this and I believe that there is always something to learn about. Thanks for dropping by, I look forward to reading your blog. Let me know once it’s launched. ^_^See you! Have a great day Disa!

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