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Yamagata Prefecture; Best Place for a Weekend Getaway

Weekend Fun

Going to places on a weekend is fun, but where exactly would those places be?

When he is not reading a book or learning something new, he explores other prefectures and enjoys the magnificent view. And recently, he went to Yamagata. So, here’s why Yamagata Prefecture is the best place for a weekend getaway.


We went to Yamagata Prefecture and Shadow Island. It’s about 200km  away from my place. The purpose of this trip was to enjoy good food, good hot spring, jelly fish aquarium, good wine, and beautiful stars at night.

Let’s talk about good food. What exactly did you enjoy eating here?

We ate carp. Carp is one of the most popular ingredients in Chinese food, but what I ate was cooked Japanese style. It was simmered in soy sauce, including the bone and fin. (Well, I don’t think I have ever tried Carp, but I look forward to it.)

The good thing about this experience is that, it is not limited to carps. He and his wife also had a chance to eat big crabs that their accommodation offered. 

Hotel: Masago Hotel

Cost: 15,000 yen ($133.50 US) / 2 persons, including 2 meals.

Now, let’s talk about the hot spring. 

I like hot spring. I soaked 3 times  that day.  Su-san vividly remembers it while laughing at his relaxing experience.

What benefits  do you get from soaking in a hot spring?

Well, it makes us feel very comfortable and relaxed. It is also okay to go on hot springs even when I’m suck. In Japan, there’s around 7000 hot springs. Taking a bath or a dip is always a pleasure.

This is interesting! In the Philippines, we also enjoy taking a bath but there’s a huge difference when it comes to Japanese’ love for bathtubs and hot springs. We do have hot springs but not as much as you have there in Japan.

 Can you tell us more about the Jelly Fish Aquarium?

In this aquarium, you will find different kinds of jelly fish. The way they swam was very cool and we also had a chance to learn about the dangerous and non-dangerous ones.

This is the biggest jelly fish aquarium in the world. Therefore, many foreigners visit it. In fact, when I went there, I enjoyed seeing the tourists get amazed every time the jelly fish show off their light and their uniqueness.

Entrance fee: 1000 yen or $8.9 per head.

There you have it! Thank you Su-san!

You can try and have fun in other prefectures too! So see you there and get back to us. Share your experiences.

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